"I want to build Tuckson Projects as a HONEST company guided by a strong moral compass. Creating a HYBRID platform, which blends cultures and exercises interdisciplinary techniques. A safe place where personal and company growth could be attained by exploring unconventional methodologies."


The core values of Tuckson Projects are centered on SUSTAINABLE GROWTH.

 "To my collaborators, I believe that any form of collaborations should be mutually beneficial, our growth equally shared."

 "To my customers, I believe in presenting honest products, sourced as sustainably as possible. Where every decision is made focused around quality, not profit."


James or Tuckson (Son of his father, Tuck) was raised in Singapore before pursuing his Chemical Engineering Masters and PhD in England. As a scientist, he is a specialist in designing laser-based diagnostic systems for engines and reactors.

The years spent designing and creating diagnostic systems awakened his childhood love and fascination for creating fragrance and objects.

Although unconventional in career progression, James is confident that his scientific background will give him a unique perspective in the lifestyle industry. 

Click here if you would like to read his scientific publication (opens in new window).