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Large 135 cm by 135 cm square silk twill scarf finished in hand rolled hemmed edges. Wrapped in acid free paper and presented in bespoke heavy weight embossed box and ribbon. 


A heavier weight silk chosen for the perfect balance of warmth in the cold, cool in the heat. Twill weave chosen for its textile strength and durability. Printed using eco-ink technology which is waterless and free from heavy metals, which mitigates one of the environmental concerns of similar ink printing processes.


Made in the original silk processing town northwest of England.


"My grandfather was one of the descendants of Shaolin and whenever he got tipsy, he would start practising his "drunken fists", a form of martial arts in the courtyard, much to the amusement of the local kids. There are plenty of stories of my grandfather sitting in the communal village courtyard with the other retired men socialising with a bottle of beer. They would bring their prized pet birds, kept in ornamental cages, and put them side by side on a large makeshift table while they drank and chatted the late afternoon. "The birds needed to socialise too", they said, but the women knew that they were just trying to show each other off. Menagerie was birthed from those stories. The oriental cranes representing the old village men and the circle in the middle, the ornamental cages they kept their birds in."